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Watching Game 7 from a Hospital Bed


A hospital attendant rolled me down the hallway into a spacious physical therapy room. Fresh off of spinal fusion surgery, I waited my turn for a physical therapist to work with me on the simple things: getting out of a chair, walking, and climbing stairs. After such a surgery, which includes cutting through muscle, bone grafts, and rods, every patient requires daily PT post-operation. Continue reading Watching Game 7 from a Hospital Bed

Marc-Andre Fleury is Not the Problem


If he’s not the most loyal Pittsburgh Penguin to don a uniform, Marc-Andre Fleury certainly makes it onto the team’s Mount Rushmore in that regard. Loyalty stirs the sentiments, but “what about play?” one might ask.

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A Valentine’s Day Letter One Week Late

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Yeah, so about this article…It’s not a Shakespearean overflow of unexpressed romantic love I can no longer contain. But stay with me here, because it is about love—a different kind of love that applies to all writers. Continue reading A Valentine’s Day Letter One Week Late

Translating the Hype


The two scrawny elementary-aged kids kept staring at me as I stickhandled the ball and snapped it into the various corners of the hockey net. None of my buddies had been able to make it for a dek hockey game that day, so I had driven up to one of the local deks to work on my shot alone.

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The Restoration of Sidney Crosby

At this juncture of the season last year, pundits and fans alike wondered aloud, “Is Sidney Crosby finished?” His goal-scoring and overall point totals were sloping downward, and his play seemed tentative. Coach Mike Johnston’s defensive posture of play seemed to clamp a vice on Crosby’s freewheeling play that fuels itself on speed, positioning, and creative passing. Continue reading The Restoration of Sidney Crosby

Who Says Poetry & Hockey Don’t Mix?

It’s a game played on a surface that causes multi-car pileups on highways and with skill that rivals any other professional sport. It’s hockey. Here are three poems about shot-blocking, a shootout, and a line brawl. Continue reading Who Says Poetry & Hockey Don’t Mix?

Phil Kessel: The Guy Next Door

Nice Guy. Tries Hard. Loves the Game. That’s the bio of Pittsburgh Penguins right winger and resident sniper, Phil Kessel. Fresh off an election season where the popular parody account @EvegeniMalkinEgo printed “Phil Kessel for President” t-shirts through Sin Bin Apparel, Kessel appeals to the popular vote in Pittsburgh more than ever. He and teammate Kris Letang even did some campaigning of their own, taking pictures of themselves donning the tees. Continue reading Phil Kessel: The Guy Next Door