After the Music Stops, Who Saves the Musician?

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If there’s one thing that hard rock, grunge, nu metal—whatever you might categorize it—does well, it’s drawing up every thorn, every slash of angst that digs into everyone at some point in their existence.

While some drown the pain or attempt to irgnore it, rock musicians drag the drowning skeletons from the deep, holding them up for all to see. And that’s always been rock’s calling card: a catharsis rather than a cover-up of all the brokenness. Continue reading “After the Music Stops, Who Saves the Musician?”


Breaking Benjamin & the Literary Value of Rock Music

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Grunge, hard rock, alternative rock—whatever it’s designation—doesn’t exactly turn heads in mainstream music. “It’s all the same,” critics say, “It’s dark, depressing, and self-loathing.”

Stereotypes are like cliches; both are easy to reach, the cookie sitting at the top of the jar that everyone picks. Now, the stereotype holds true for some grunge bands, but that mindset skims the surface of what modern rock offers. If a listener invests himself or herself in a band’s lyrics, he or she can scrape the bottom of the barrel and find the harmony of rock. Continue reading “Breaking Benjamin & the Literary Value of Rock Music”