You Don’t Know Dumo: Brian Dumoulin’s Value to the Pittsburgh Penguins

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Journalists and broadcasters alike are junkies for statistics and streaks. They illustrate talking points, provide context, and fill up copy space and broadcast time alike. But in Penguins defenseman Brian Dumoulin, a particular stat hung a phantom monkey on his back during the regular season.

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Comedy and Writing

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I won’t lie. When I was a kid, I would spend mornings popping in DvDs of episodes from The Three Stooges and Tom & Jerry. A few minutes in, I would be holding my stomach and shaking my head with laughter. My mom would often pop her head into her living room, getting a kick out of the hysterics.  Continue reading “Comedy and Writing”

How Writing for the Cabinet Improved my Creative Writing


Before this semester, I would have thought journalism and short fiction as two mutually exclusive categories with no crossover. My class load has taught me otherwise. Along with writing for the Cabinet (Geneva College’s campus newspaper for those of you outside the Geneva bubble), I took contemporary news writing, publishing, and creative writing.  Continue reading “How Writing for the Cabinet Improved my Creative Writing”

Breaking Benjamin & the Literary Value of Rock Music

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Grunge, hard rock, alternative rock—whatever it’s designation—doesn’t exactly turn heads in mainstream music. “It’s all the same,” critics say, “It’s dark, depressing, and self-loathing.”

Stereotypes are like cliches; both are easy to reach, the cookie sitting at the top of the jar that everyone picks. Now, the stereotype holds true for some grunge bands, but that mindset skims the surface of what modern rock offers. If a listener invests himself or herself in a band’s lyrics, he or she can scrape the bottom of the barrel and find the harmony of rock. Continue reading “Breaking Benjamin & the Literary Value of Rock Music”