Site Mission

In colonial days, a town crier would be employed to make critical announcements to the people in the street or marketplace. In an age of instant information, there are many voices, and sifting through it all can be maddening. Who has the time for all that?

Welcome to Town Crier, a voice in the crowded streets of the internet tailored to providing thoughtful commentary on a range of issues that impact daily life. From culture to politics to sports, readers will have access to opinion pieces that seek to offer insights and angles that have yet to be covered.

Cultural Commentary

Town Crier will give its two cents on the surrounding culture and the topics will range widely from book reviews to music to daily life. One thing is certain, if there’s a national debate, Town Crier will be there.

Political Commentary

Town Crier will cover political news and controversies through a conservative perspective. As such, it supports free markets, free speech, religious liberty, and the original intent of the Constitution. Regardless of political  affiliation, Town Crier works to cut through political divisiveness and inform readers of perspectives they may have never considered.

Sports Commentary

Town crier will produce articles on athletes and teams that remind fans why they love to be fans in the first place. Whether it’s hockey or football, mixed martial arts or basketball, baseball or track and field, Town Crier will post thoughts that engage a spectrum of professional and amateur sports.

Kevin Cochrane is a writer, college student, and founder of Town Crier. Like what you read? Follow him on Twitter at RunFree_KC, friend him on Facebook under “Kevin Cochrane,” or click the follow button at the bottom of the page to get Town Crier’s latest updates. Want to read more? Visit his blog restandrefuge.wordpress.com which offers perspectives from a Christian trying to navigate the culture around him.