Breaking Benjamin & the Literary Value of Rock Music

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Grunge, hard rock, alternative rock—whatever it’s designation—doesn’t exactly turn heads in mainstream music. “It’s all the same,” critics say, “It’s dark, depressing, and self-loathing.”

Stereotypes are like cliches; both are easy to reach, the cookie sitting at the top of the jar that everyone picks. Now, the stereotype holds true for some grunge bands, but that mindset skims the surface of what modern rock offers. If a listener invests himself or herself in a band’s lyrics, he or she can scrape the bottom of the barrel and find the harmony of rock. Continue reading “Breaking Benjamin & the Literary Value of Rock Music”


A Valentine’s Day Letter One Week Late

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Yeah, so about this article…It’s not a Shakespearean overflow of unexpressed romantic love I can no longer contain. But stay with me here, because it is about love—a different kind of love that applies to all writers. Continue reading “A Valentine’s Day Letter One Week Late”

How Lecrae & Reach Records Made Me a Better Writer

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I know what you’re thinking after reading the title: “Oh great, another Christian fanboy who thinks he’s trendy because he listens to rap.” I couldn’t blame you either. Over the past decade, Lecrae and his lineup of artists at Reach Records (Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, Tedashii, KB, & GAWVI) have appealed to a Christian audience due in part to their intense lyricism, smooth production, and explicit Christian themes. Continue reading “How Lecrae & Reach Records Made Me a Better Writer”

Super Bowl 51 & Situational Irony


What happens when the Cinderella’s slipper fits on the girl that everyone hates? That’s what happened to the New England Patriots Sunday night at Super Bowl LI. The NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons entered the third quarter up 28-9 on the Patriots, and the franchise needed fifteen minutes of mistake-free football to wrest its first Super Bowl victory from the football gods.

Continue reading “Super Bowl 51 & Situational Irony”