A Moment of Clarity in the Dark Corners of War


Clear and concise—it’s the two-headed monster of short fiction. We command ourselves to write profound stories while taking up a modest portion of copy space, and edit and edit until we want to punt our laptops off the top of Old Main. Continue reading “A Moment of Clarity in the Dark Corners of War”


“Flying Downrange in a Library”

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Can I get this right?” The question rattles around in my sorry excuse of a writer’s brain as I edit. My short story focuses on two Navy SEALs, and how every special operations soldier has his threshold—the tolerance to keep his gun in the fight after years of combat deployments.

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Le’Veon Bell is Ready to Eat

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I don’t have the credentials or game hours of an offensive coordinator like Todd Haley, but if the best defense begins with a good offense, then Le’Veon Bell needs 25 carries at a minimum and 5-7 receptions on Sunday when the Pittsburgh Steelers meet the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday. Continue reading “Le’Veon Bell is Ready to Eat”