The Andrew Breitbart Prophecies

Though not religious himself, Mr. Andrew Breitbart held profound zeal for absolute truth. Like an Old Testament prophet, Breitbart unabashedly ministered against the politics of personal destruction and the mainstream media’s infidelity to the American people— the wooing of the political left as its own auxiliary editor-in-chief.

Breitbart experienced his own political conversion, crawling away from the left’s mass grave of intellectual collectivism and cultural marxism. His anecdotal experiences in Hollywood called him to “ministry”—the ministry of New Media. Having witnessed the liberal groupthink in Hollywood, Breitbart cast a vision for the conservative movement in his work Righteous Indignation—the proverbial artillery shells for a conservative countercultural offensive against the Democrat Media Complex.

Not content to merely collect intelligence about the complex, Breitbart’s adoption and promotion of citizen journalism was the check and balance to a media establishment that had, for the most part, sunk into a liberal ideological think tank, operating under the credentials of objectivity. In a form, he applied the concept of self-government to journalism. The people would restrain the media’s baser instincts to become the self-serving press corp for the left, and if the mainstream media would not comply, the people would outsource the job of research and coverage to themselves.

This is not say that Mr. Breitbart was conspiring to sling mud at established knowledge or collapse mainstream journalism. It was the Mafia tactics employed by mainstream journalists that he loathed. To him and most Americans, the political left was capo de tutt’i capi and NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, and The Huffington Post were the Five Families. In a war of information asymmetry, he saw technology as an equalizer, the proverbial crossing of the Delaware River that could keep the established media honest.

Mr. Breitbart would have been jubilant at the wholesale public exposure and indictment of the mainstream media this election cycle due to Wikileaks and the foaming rage with which liberal media prejudiced its coverage toward Hilary Clinton. Therein lies the tragic and excruciating irony of Mr. Andrew Breitbart: he was not present to receive the justification for his righteous indignation, having passed away in 2012.

That righteous indignation would have been hemorrhaging from his fingers if he were with us this snakebitten 2016. I can envision him launching articles against the intellectual dishonesty of CNN’s Donna Brazile, who preemptively emailed the Clinton campaign the list of questions that would be asked during a Presidential town hall session. I can picture him ruthlessly dissecting WikiLeaks and prosecuting the media for its naked bias. All throughout the election cycle, the prophet’s proclamations came to pass, and regrettably Breitbart could not be with us, the conservative movement, to chow down on his vindication.

Mr. Breitbart was right about it all. He was right about George Soros and his financial dumps into media so that he could prop up Media Matters’ talking points. He was right about John Podesta and the politics of personal destruction. The precision with which he indicted the mainstream media should be considered and covered by conservative media, because his vision tilled the fields for the growth of said conservative media.

He did all this work with a gregarious, winsome, and emboldened commitment that turned the cultural tide. Who then, are the progeny of New Media that can take the initiative that Breitbart wrenched into motion? I offer three figures that blend media, politics, and cultural commentary into a production Breitbart would have been proud to put his name next to.

First up is Mr. Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire and an associate of Breitbart himself. Mr. Shapiro carries the torch by giving lectures at the left’s reeducation camps: college campuses. His own writing, as well as his team of contributors, demonstrates an unwavering adherence to conservative principles, acute insights for reverse engineering leftist ideology, and precision in articulating future policy formation.

Next is Mr. Matt Walsh, a cultural commentator at the Mr. Walsh has an unflappable nose for justice and the truth, especially in terms of cultural commentary through a Biblical perspective. His columns cut to the heart, articulating conservative principles along with a dose of realism during an era when commentators garner their checks off of virtue signaling.

Finally, there is Mr. Steven Crowder, comedian and host of the Louder with Crowder podcast. Evoking some of Breitbart’s cheeky irreverence, Mr. Crowder engages the culture with a package of informative articles on conservatism, humorous skits, and undercover exposés of the left. Even better, he brings conservative media figures on his podcast to interview and dialogue, as well as liberals with whom he can debate or simply converse with on the key issues.

In the end, some prophecy is conditional, allowing room for the recipients to respond and avoid the coming devastation. Mr. Breitbart’s work about the Democrat Media Complex takes its place in such a category. Knowing this, conservative citizen journalists should keep pressing forward, knowing that figures such as James O’Keefe—famous for his undercover coverage of ACORN and more recently, his exposure of democrat operatives paying operatives to stir up violence at Trump rallies during the 2016 primaries—have fulfilled their roles as checks and balances to Big Media.

Thus, Andrew Breitbart, was a prophet and patriot to the America people. He preached against identity politics and the politics of personal destruction, not afraid to face the withering slander spit his way. Most importantly, he adored America enough to contend for the promise of liberty and exhort his fellow conservatives to put their principles onto paper and into the press. And for all this, we remain in his stead, blowing on the embers of his righteous indignation.

Editor’s Note: The author of this column did not have any personal relationship with Mr. Breitbart and does not write under any such auspices. The author is simply a college student that has benefitted greatly from his articles, interviews, and books that have given an education in conservative involvement in the media. 

Kevin Cochrane is a writer, college student, and founder of Town Crier. Like what you read? Follow him on Twitter at RunFree_KC, friend him on Facebook, or click the follow button at the bottom of the page to get Town Crier’s latest updates. Want to read more? Visit his blog at which offers a Christian perspective on the surrounding culture. You can contact him with comments or questions at



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