The Andrew Breitbart Prophecies

Though not religious himself, Mr. Andrew Breitbart held profound zeal for absolute truth. Like an Old Testament prophet, Breitbart unabashedly ministered against the politics of personal destruction and the mainstream media’s infidelity to the American people— the wooing of the political left as its own auxiliary editor-in-chief.

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Phil Kessel: The Guy Next Door

Nice Guy. Tries Hard. Loves the Game. That’s the bio of Pittsburgh Penguins right winger and resident sniper, Phil Kessel. Fresh off an election season where the popular parody account @EvegeniMalkinEgo printed “Phil Kessel for President” t-shirts through Sin Bin Apparel, Kessel appeals to the popular vote in Pittsburgh more than ever. He and teammate Kris Letang even did some campaigning of their own, taking pictures of themselves donning the tees. Continue reading “Phil Kessel: The Guy Next Door”